The quirky coffin-design office chair is taking the internet by storm; pictures go viral


A UK-based company, Chairbox has unveiled an unusual chair design that has taken the internet by storm. A designer has created a line of coffin-shaped office chairs called “The Last Shift Office Chair” for people who spend a lot of time at their desks. The chair is designed to look like a wooden coffin.

According to the “Chairbox” website, research has found that spending six to eight hours a day sitting in a chair increases the risk of dying. Humans weren’t supposed to spend eight hours a day sitting on chairs. “All of the behavioral change has happened recently and our bodies haven’t adjusted yet,” according to the website. It further reads that exercise by itself is insufficient. In addition, UK law requires companies to offer standing desk solutions in their workplace. Although there is awareness, it is insufficient.

Coffin shaped office chair

While trying to create awareness, the company designed a 3D model of the chair, which has a wooden frame with a handle and wheels.

In addition, the website also talks about the “Grind culture”, referred to as “voluntary slavery”. The issue of exploitation is also highlighted by the website.

He said: “While we spend most of our time at work, most of us cannot afford some basic things…it has become a norm that we spend our life at work killing ourselves. slowly and getting nothing out of it. The whole grind culture is just plain wrong, it seems to me to be voluntary slavery. We’ve been tricked into thinking that this is life as it’s supposed to be. We let’s sit in these coffins and generate stakeholder value, but when the time comes, they nail the lid down and lead us to the corporate graveyard.

The image was shared on the Instagram platform with the caption: “You had the week! In the meantime, we are pleased to present our new product to you. The office chair from the last shift. If an employee dies on the job, management must nail down the top cover and roll it up in a company graveyard. Simple but effective.”

Take a look at the coffin chair:

The photos, shared since on the platform, surprised users, garnered more than 154 Likes and received several funny comments. One social media user wrote: “Do they come with lids? while another commented with laughing emoticons.

Take a look at the comments:

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