Adreian Payne’s funeral will be held in Dayton


The witness said her friend and Dority argued often and that she “had already responded as a ‘mediator’ to prevent any physical abuse”, reads an affidavit. “[The witness] assumed that’s why she was answering that night.

She told deputies that Payne was outside in his vehicle, which was parked on the street, talking to Dority, court records show.

Dority allegedly walked away and entered the townhouse before returning with a gun.

During an interview with Dority, he told investigators he interpreted Payne’s presence as a threat, according to court documents.

“Dority observed [Payne] making movements with his right hand in the right side of his belt,” reads an affidavit. “Dority observed the ‘shape of a gun’ on the right side of his shirt, where [Payne] moved his hand.

Dority then exited the vehicle and obtained a gun from the townhouse before returning and firing a shot, records show.

Payne was unarmed and no firearms were found in his vehicle, a deputy wrote in an affidavit.

“Dority said he was afraid of [Payne]“, according to the affidavit. “Dority said he was protecting his family and protecting his home.”

The witness told investigators that Payne did not threaten Dority or make a threatening request, according to court documents.


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