Small loan without private credit – clear credit

An entry in the consumer information private credit is sometimes reached quickly. Financial bottlenecks often lead to serious consequences for private credit’s creditworthiness and scores, and in Germany, consumers who have negative information there are no longer able to borrow.

They are no longer creditworthy, whether or not they otherwise meet their current obligations. For these borrowers there is the possibility to take out a small loan without private credit. This is not possible via German banks and savings banks, and the contact between the lending bank and the borrower is established via a credit intermediary.

Why a small loan without private credit

The answer to this question of why loans should be raised despite private credit , however, is not just about entries in private credit itself. Sometimes, borrowers do not want the loan they borrow to be included in consumer information. This may be because they do not want their employer to find out about their financial obligations.

Others do not want their potential future landlord to learn of their obligations when they go looking for a new home. Or they plan to start building finance in a few months or years, and they do not want to lose their very good credit rating because of a small loan.

Small loans without private credit instead of normal installment loan?

Small loans without private credit instead of normal installment loan?

A normal installment loan usually has a medium to long term, and a loan amount of several thousand euros. Those who only want to take on a lesser amount of money often face the question of what they should do, that they either do not exist at all, or too long a period of time.

A small loan without private credit is then a way to take out a loan with a manageable loan amount, without the repayment endlessly. In addition, such small loans are not registered without private credit in the consumer information, which is the case with normal installment loans that are taken at German banks.

Where can I apply for a small loan without private credit?

Where can I apply for a small loan without private credit?

A loan without private credit , no matter whether small loan or up to the maximum possible loan amount in the private credit-free loan, can not be applied for at German banks or savings banks. In Germany, the bar on such loans is clearly advanced, while banks from abroad like to give small loans without private credit.

This has been taken up by credit intermediaries who mediate between the lending banks, for example from Switzerland, and the potential borrowers in Germany. About them the contact is established, they receive, with successful mediation of such a credit then also a commission.

This commission is usually not borne directly by the borrower, but is already factored into the lending rate by the bank. This means that the credit intermediary itself does not normally pay because it is part of the cooperation between the lending bank and the credit intermediary.

Small loan without private credit also serious to have?

Of loans without private credit are not always positive things to read, quite the opposite. Many dubious presumed mediators want to do their thing in this area, which leads to recurring financial losses for potential borrowers.

Reputable credit brokers can be recognized in particular by one thing: they charge no processing fees in advance. This means that the person interested in a small loan without private credit does not have to transfer money to the credit intermediary simultaneously with the loan application.

Among the many black sheep, there are also reputable credit intermediaries who actually lend unskimmed loans, even if they have to deal with the bad image of their industry due to the dubious intermediaries. A small loan without private credit is also reputable, if one considers the point of the processing fee.

What is the maximum loan amount for small loans without private credit?

With a small loan without private credit, there is of course not unlimited money upwards. Depending on the credit intermediary, the maximum loan sums for the small loan can be very different. This can be 3,000 euros, this can be 5,000 euros. For small loans, these are already high sums, which there are private bank to have.

Who can get a small loan without private credit

Who can get a small loan without private credit

Employees, pensioners, the self-employed, civil servants and freelancers, all of them can receive a small loan without private credit in a respectable way. If the income that enters the account on a monthly basis is correct, it largely does not matter to the lending banks whether there are entries in the private bank.

Unlike banks in Germany, they are not concerned with what is stored in the consumer information about the borrower. But on how much money he takes in monthly, and what remains at the end after billing the fixed costs to pay off the small loan taken.

Unlike many promises made by dubious intermediaries, there are small loans without private credit, however, not for housewives (without surety) or for the unemployed. Anyone who sees such loan offers with a supposed credit broker should definitely keep their hands off this one!

When is small loan without private credit reputable, when unserious?

  • There are directly to the credit application processing fees.
  • The supposed credit broker offers small loans without private credit also for unemployed and / or housewives.
  • The so-called mediator has no official permission to broker loans
  • Consumers with negative badge entries will receive unsolicited loan offers by mail or email.

What is always to be considered in a small loan

For a small loan, which should be recorded without private credit, it is important to note one more thing. The interest rates for such loans are higher, usually much higher than for normal installment credit, or for a small loan with normal private bank. The two words “without private credit” have their price, which is payable in higher interest rates.

In the case of private credit-free loans, such consumers also receive loans that are no longer available to banks in Germany in the normal way. As well as those who do not even want their recorded small loan registered with the private credit.

Small loans without private credit received from foreign banks

Who wants to take out loans without his small loan is registered with the private credit. Or so already negative entries in the consumer information are available, whereby no normal installment loan is possible in Germany.

He can apply for a loan without private credit through reputable credit intermediaries. These cooperate with banks abroad, for which the private plays a subordinate role as long as the creditworthiness of the borrower with regard to a regular income is right.