Loans for pensioners: Payout without age restriction

People who retire at the age of 64 or 65 today often do not feel “old”, but are fit and full of energy. Life expectancy is rising steadily and people are staying healthy longer and longer. No wonder, then, that the “Best Agers” want to enjoy their retirement to the fullest. Of course, this also includes major purchases or particularly luxurious travel. Finally, after the end of the working life, you finally have time for all those things, until now always had to stand back.

Loans for retirees – that’s what banks really think

Loans for retirees - that

Many members of the 60plus family have their own house or condominium, and there are often decent savings. Nevertheless, seniors were not welcome for a long time as credit customers at many banks. New loans were (and still are today) only paid up to a certain age limit . Who is older, has the disadvantage.

Also get credit at retirement age

However, no one has to accept resignation from the bank with reference to a supposedly too old age. Innovative credit intermediaries such as bon credit also provide retirees cheap loans – and without age limit to the top. It is only important that the retiree can prove a regular income.

  • Depending on the creditworthiness Crediter can procure loans up to 100,000 euros, as additional credit maximum 50,000 euros are possible.
  • Retirees are just as free in their choice of term for their loan as all other clients are.
  • The shortest possible term is 12 months, the longest 120 months.

The lenders with whom Crediter has worked for many years provide the loans without earmarking. So, as a borrower, you can decide by yourself what you do with the loan amount. You can buy a car with the money, purchase a new home decor, or finally book the cruise you’ve been dreaming about for years. And if you submit your loan request now, you benefit from the currently very low interest rates. Your personal loan offer is free and does not bind you to anything.