Benefits of contracting an Advance Bonds

The Advancement Bonds

The Advancement Bonds

The Advancement Bonds, belong to the Branch III ( Administrative Bonds ), of the bond classification in Mexico, its main function is to guarantee the fulfillment of the obligations that derive from a contract, purchase order, order or lease.

Through an advance deposit, you can guarantee the correct investment of the money that a company or physical person provides to another in advance, for the realization of a job or the provision of a service, guaranteeing that in case this money does not have a good use, will be returned 100% the amount provided in the advance.

Hiring an advance deposit can bring many benefits to those involved, the most important is the certainty that provides the beneficiary that the amounts of money that are given in advance to the guarantor or contractor will be used exclusively as agreed in the contract, guaranteeing the correct use and application of said money.

Like the other types of Bail Bonds, the Advance Payments can be processed by a Physical or Moral person through an intermediary and in both cases the documentation required for a Bail Bond contract must be presented.

With an advance deposit, you can have peace of mind that the money provided to a service provider company will be used to carry out what is established in a contract, and in case this does not happen, the company will make the return Affiliate total or partial of the money, as the case may be.

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